The best book I read this summer

Seven years ago, I was a self-described change agent in a big company, failing to make the kind of difference I wanted to make. I even wrote a post titled, “If you’re trying to change how your company works, you probably won’t”. One reader thought I was depressed. 

Later that year, though, I read The Blue Sweater by Jacqueline Novogratz, and her story inspired me to persist. I tried to incorporate her 5 lessons for driving change into my own work.

This summer, when I saw she released Manifesto for a Moral Revolution, I ordered it right away. 

5 stars. Click on the image to order a copy.

5 stars. Click on the image to order a copy.

I devoured the book. 

I had assumed from the title that it might be a somewhat abstract presentation of principles, but it is much, much more than that. Instead of just telling us what should be done, she shows what can be accomplished through many examples of successful change agents around the world. She shares how they brought their ideas to life, including their many missteps and setbacks, and how some of them managed to scale their efforts to provide meaningful benefits to millions of people. 

Story after story after story, Jacqueline Novogratz shows you different paths for making a difference. And she does so with candor and personal humility that is endearing and motivating.

After reading it, you can't help but be inspired. And just like I did with the Blue Sweater seven years ago, I ordered a copy for my kids to read in the hope that they may be inspired too.

“Whoever you are and whatever you do, the world needs you to lead. There will be time when happiness may feel elusive and the horizon impossible to reach. But remember that each we wake up to another chance to renew the world.”


p.s. As much as I already liked the book & author, I became an even bigger fan after she liked my review on :-)