WOL Healthcare: The first pilot

Bettina first wrote to me about the idea almost two years ago, in November of 2018. She had heard about WOL at an event, started a Circle, and wanted to spread it to nurses in a few dozen medical centers. First, though, she needed a few changes. 

“The guides need to become shorter - the nurses do not have 60 minutes a week left, there is too much text, the examples have to refer to the health sector…”

The list went on. 

The Process

Bettina and I talked about it on a call and later in person at the Frankfurt Airport. Gradually, a team formed. Me and four women who each work in different healthcare organizations but share a passion and commitment for improving their workplaces.

Martina Koch

Bettina Jung

Katharina Nolden

Constanze Zeller

For months we talked and debated and wrote together. Eventually, we created a brand new 8-week WOL Circle format that is specially designed for healthcare workers, including those who may be in a frontline role with no access to the internet. 

The Pilot

The first test of the materials will be run by these four smart, creative, determined women, and they will conduct the free pilot in German using their own translation. Here’s a poignant English description of WOL Healthcare that they wrote for an upcoming workshop to enlist participants:

Who, if not you, can make working in the health and social care industry a little better every day? For you personally, for your colleagues, and for an appropriate appreciation in our society.

Because the current situation in particular shows that our accustomed way of working is not sufficient for the challenges we are facing. Together we have to be flexible, innovative and efficient without increasing the already experienced psychological and physical stress.

Health and social professions need continued visibility in their professionalism - it must not stop at clapping on balconies. WOL Healthcare should help you to meet these challenges

It is a privilege to work with Bettina, Martina, Constanze, and Katharina. To learn more about the pilot, register for the workshop. You can also reach them at a special email address: healthcare@www.africanmango-slim.com

The Future

Will this new format work? I’m not sure. But I am confident we will discover how to improve the WOL Circle method to reach more people in a wider range of jobs. And I am determined to apply our learning to help those in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and other environments so they too can make more of all they have to offer.