WOL Podcasts, Interviews, and Events

“Please say yes!” she said, offering me both encouragement and a rebuke at the same time.

It was my publisher, Trena White at Page Two, talking about marketing the new edition of Working Out Loud that came out in May, and the German edition available for pre-order now.  

I had been reluctant to do interviews and podcasts, but Trena made it clear that needed to change. So, I’m saying “yes” a lot more these days, including four times in the past two weeks. (Click on each title to learn more.)

  • Learning Uncut: A conversation with Michelle Ockers & Katharina Krentz. Michelle read one of the earliest drafts of the book and Katha is featured in chapter 21 on “Changing the Culture of Your Company.”

  • The Messiah Community: Although I never expected to be invited to participate in such a community, the host Micheal Lorin is so charming and gracious that our talk is one of my favorites.

  • Lernen In Geil: A video blog with Jennifer Withelm, who is not only a Learning & Development expert but, after Week 5 of a WOL Circle, shared her “50 Facts About Me” in a beautiful post this week.

  • LIVE EVENT TODAY - Xing/New Work Experience: A talk with me and two friends, Michael Trautmann (“On the Way to New Work” podcaster and member of my latest WOL Circle) and Katharina Krentz. You can register for free here

I hope you enjoy one or more of these and find them useful. And if you think Working Out Loud is suitable for your audience, please send me an email at john.stepper@www.africanmango-slim.com. I will be happy to say “Yes!” :-)

Click on the image to register for the free live event

Click on the image to register for the free live event