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4-5 people. 1 hour/wk.

12 weeks.

Employees develop & practice new skills while working remotely.

They create more connections across locations & departments.

They get professional support along the way.

Virtual Programs Tailored for Your Goals

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WOL is spreading in hundreds of companies & more than sixty countries.

The WOL Membership Network makes it easy to realize those same benefits

“We know that for the rest of our lives, all the gains we have achieved through WOL will be with us, this is more than a 12-week process.”

- a WOL Circle member in Turkey

WOL stands for a mindset we urgently need in a connected world.

- Christoph Kübel, CHRO & Bosch Board Member

Request the WOL Programs PDF

You get the best results and can reach the most employees when you integrate WOL into existing programs like on-boarding, culture change, etc. This PDF includes a description of WOL Programs & a case study of using WOL for leadership development.

WOL makes work more humane.

- Michael Brecht, Daimler AG, Chairman of the General Works Council

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Do It Yourself

If you want to spread WOL in your company and do all the work on your own, register below for a free Corporate Starter Kit that can help you.

“One of our latest & most innovative offerings is Working Out Loud.”

- Kai Beckmann, Member of the Executive Board at Merck KGaA