Additional Exercises & FAQ

Something you can do in less than 20 minutes

Search for at least ten profiles on LinkedIn. They could be of other Circle members, or colleagues, or others you know of or are connected to in some way.

As you look at them, start a list of Things You Like & Don’t Like. For example, you might like a certain kind of photo, or have a negative reaction to “thought leader” and “ninja.” Try to capture at least 5 positive and 5 negative aspects of profiles.

Now play Profile Doctor with another person. Using the list you just made, look at your profiles and see what improvements you can make. Then make them.

Q: I’m very busy, and my boss is controlling. I don’t see how I can craft my job.

The job crafting research included people who worked in highly-prescribed job, people who were also very busy and whose time was tightly controlled. Yet some of them found ways to modify their tasks, or who they interacted with and how, or how they described what they do to themselves and others.

Start small. Perhaps you reach out to a colleague or decide to be kinder in your communications. Even a seemingly insignificant step can be powerful enough to unlock other steps.

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CEOs & Board Members Active on Social Media

Many employees would relish the chance to be know by executives of their company. But do you know which of executives have an online presence? Do you pay attention to what they say and do online? Here are just a few of many examples of CEOs & board members who are active online. All of them are woefully under-followed by their own employees.

Note: If one of your board members is active online and you’d like to add them to this list, send me an email at