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Top 3 Goal “Mistakes”

#1 Too specific: If you pick a goal that only you can do (lose weight, get promoted, make something), then it will be difficult to identify relationships related to that goal.

Try This: Frame it in terms of people who have done what you’d like to do, or as a learning goal that helps you explore the topic. So your relationship list would include people who have already tried to do what you want to do, or have shared information related to it.

#2 Too vague: If your goal isn’t specific enough, it will be hard to know where to start, and to make any meaningful progress in 12 weeks.

Try This: Either shrink the goal or frame it in terms of other people. What’s a smaller, practical step that you could list as a goal, something on the way to that larger ambition? Who else is doing what you’d like to do?

#3 Too…boring: You are the best judge of “boring.” Most people who fail to make progress in their Circle tend to pick goals they think they should care about but don’t.

Try This: Pick something that sparks joy! What would you like to learn more about? What possibilities might you like to explore? Even if it isn’t directly related to your current job, your WOL Circle will help you develop skills, habits, and a mindset that’s good for you and your organization. So pick something that will make you look forward to your Circle meetings and to doing the exercises.