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How well are you investing your time? When Bill Gates was asked about the biggest thing he had learned from Warren Buffett, he said it wasn't about how he invested his money, but about how he invested his time.

Tip: Finding other networks

Search for your topic again, this time adding the word “communities.”

For example, if your goal is to become a better public speaker or explore roles in Human Resources, you might search for “writing communities” or “HR communities,” and you would immediately find dozens of communities where people with related goals share and connect.

Tip: How big should your list be?

Although bigger networks aren’t necessarily better, there is a minimum number I would suggest - perhaps between 25 and 50 - for your network to be useful in terms of discovery and other learning. If you have less than 10 people on your relationship list, it’s unnecessarily limiting.

The key to a bigger list is curiosity. As in the additional exercise in Week 2, play Internet Detective and be sure to search in different ways using different terms. Click on things that might be interesting, and see who’s behind it. Ask your Circle for help. Even if they don’t know much about your goal, their different perspectives can be useful.