Examples: Tips for Sharing a Resource

Subject: Make it relevant to your main reason for sharing it, so the recipient has a good idea of what’s involved even before clicking on it.

Salutation: Address them as you would in person, and be sure to use the person’s name.

Body: Keep it as short as possible, and then edit to try and make it shorter. The exercise in Week 4 encourages you to include “appreciation, context, and value” in your note. You can usually do this in just a few sentences. Remember, they may get 100+ emails a day, so your clarity and brevity will be appreciated.

Personal sign-off: It may take you an extra 30 seconds to write a personal line at the end of your message, but think of it as another contribution of attention. Check the additional exercise this week and the blog post, “Insincerely yours” to help you improve the way you sign off your emails.

Subject: An article that might help your project

“Hi, Kelly.

I know you’re busy with your new project, and when I saw this article (link below) I thought it might be helpful. Check out the last section in particular.

Good luck with the project! If you need anything, I’m happy to help.